Our core

Repairs and new manufacture of Coreless Induction furnaces and Induction coils are our core competencies. Further services such as repairs & manufacture of accessories such as Water-cooled Power Cables, Magnet Shunts and supply of various Insulation Material also are an integral part of our extensive product portfolio.

New production and repairs of coil

Manufacture of spare parts

Manufacture of
spare parts

In our facility located in Iserlohn- Kalthof, we have the ability to offer diverse manufacturing services. In our modern production halls, we manufacture customized Induction Systems and Electric furnaces. The production of Induction Coils of all kinds is our main activity and our entire experience flows in to accomplish this.

At the same time, we keep stock of various spare parts to be able to react quickly in the case of any emergency demand.
We ensure an optimum quality in production of customized parts and special fabrications by means of high-level vertical integration.

We offer the following repairs and manufacture of the following components:

  • Coreless Furnaces of all well-known brands
  • Induction Coils for Coreless Furnace all well-known brands
  • Channel type furnaces of all well-known brands
  • Inductors for channel type furnaces of all well-known brands
  • Protective cooling cylinders for Inductors
  • Water cooled Power Cables
  • Magnet shunt packs
  • Spare parts such as various Insulation Products, Hoses for Water Cooling, Flange sets etc.
  • Precast Refractory Segments
  • Copper Templates
  • Cast Loop Forms
  • Precast Furnace Tops

Spare parts and Material available in our well stocked inventory:

  • Hoses for Water cooling
  • Hose clamps
  • Flange sets
  • Insulation Products and Materials

All repairs done at our works are documented and a test certificate is issued.



Induction technology

Induction technology
for Heating Equipment

Induction plants are generally characterized by excellent heating quality, reproducibility and process control. Against the background of increasing ecological specifications and high demands on the manufacturing process, the use of induction plants for material heating in complex forming processes is a powerful, economical technology.
We offer individual solutions for your heating task, also as hybrid concepts in combination with gas or electrically heated systems. Here we work in close cooperation with our parent company. Our high-performance and proven system technology allows the process-safe and economical heating of a wide variety of metals with precise temperature control.

Heating systems

Equipment condition analysis

endoscope and microstructure analysis

In advance
detected & solved

Induction coils are subject to a certain amount of wear in the aging process during operation. In order to be able to assess the condition here, we offer you inspection of the solder joints as well as cooling channels by endoscope and microstructure analysis with detailed documentation. In this way, we ensure that we can identify and rectify any defects that may arise in advance, so that you can run your systems with process reliability.